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Prayers are needed. Hurricane Sally is a Cat 2 and has changed course and is now headed right for me. Looks like we’re going to have to “Ride Sally Ride”, I Love You Shania. You sound and look Amazing. Love the video and Orvilles voice. Shine On Super Star. My favorite all time Singer. Can’t wait to hear more of your Gorgeous voice.

  • Like this song!! Your my favourite singer! Your amazing! Shania you should do a duet with Keith urban. You be awesome!! Him and your voice styles would work so well together , As some of you have pointed out, the photo we posted is not of the actual via Ferrata. It’s a little thrill hike at the Birg station on the nearby Schilthorn gondola lift.
  • As Bill Walker mentioned the experience is so “thrilling” the rookie (like me) could barely use a camera while on the cable. Chris Ramee’s comment comes with a photo of the via Ferrata experience at an easier point. Sorry to leave you hanging…
  • I never thought that I would take this little stroll along the side of a mountain, but am so glad that sister convinced me to do it. I also thought that our time in Switzerland would be a time to kick back, relax while on our My Way Best ofEurope since this was the only stop that we had no particuliar plans while here. Boy was I wrong! This stop was definitely a highlight of the trip!!

This is my crazy husband (in the ugliest hat in Europe) frightening the bejeezus out of himself. I was praying, taking pictures and trying to remember if I had paid the life insurance policy!

Just reading this makes my feet ache and my stomach clench. I’m an avid hiker and thought I was fearless until my late 60’s when I walked out on the wide paved path to Bright Angel Point at The Grand Canyon and got vertigo so bad I had to grip the steel railing hand over hand to get back to “safer” ground. There is nothing unsafe about Bright Angel Point, but my body could not be convinced.

We found the via ferrata a thrilling, challenging and unique view of the valley floor while dangling from a mile above. The rebar steps were ideally spaced…for a 6′ man. My 5’4″ frame had to squt and lunge for each foot placement. My thighs were shaking by the end. I enjoyed every spine-tingling moment!!


Eddie Van Halen 1955-2020 Legends Never Die shirt,tank top, hoodie

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