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But democrats will do it differently and make it work. Call it Democratic Socialism, a system where you fool enough people into actually electing the dictator. This country never was a democracy even though you have been told it was all of your life. The word democracy is found no where in our founding documents for a reason. It’s really pretty simple.

  • the word Democracy isn’t in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. We are a Constitutional Republic, or you can call it a representative republic. Not a democracy although that is used by everyone including congress.
  • Our state has a governor that is refusing to allow restaurants open indoor dining, church gatherings are limited ect. Licenses have been removed of restaurants who defy the order to close. But there are a lot who have continued with social distancing. There is a battle today with people in power who think they know how we should take care of ourselves without realizing we already know that.
  • Same outcome but in the Utopian dream world they will devise more sanitary means to eliminate the undesirables, for the good of the collective of course. the real problem with your statement is that hardly anyone knows how to take care of themselves anymore.
Steve Alessandroni fascism, nazism, socialism, communism, same base: collective. Freedom requires individualism as it’s base, and is completely different than the others. Freedom requires government to protect the individual, collectivism(S) require protection of the collective and that means the individual must be oppressed “for their own good”.

So how does that work, considering that Capitalism is by its nature purely voluntary in nature, and benefits both sides in a transaction? Regression is a historical fact. Regardless, fascism is just a reactionary and nationalist form of socialism. You guys are siblings.

Easily distracted by music and cats poster

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