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Phil and I prayed in agreement for all 50 states in their time slot. We alternated praying the decree with praying in the spirit, except for our own state of Indiana. Even praying 25x, I still felt the anointing all the way through to Hawaii. If we finish the decree before 3 min were up, we prayed something for that state and or region. We are so thankful to God to be able to be part of what Hie is doing. We trust He will enable us to persevere ( the word He gave me for this year). God bless and we are also praying for you!!

  • Father woke me up last night at 1:22 “He said Do not break my covenant again”. Also Joshua 6 1-27. Joshua marched around Jericho and the walls came tumbling down. Amen Praise His Glorious Name.
  • Iam still jumping and hitting the ceiling folks ! My spirit is soo excited ! Something huge is going on ! Thank you Dutch Sheets for puting this together and for uniting us , prayer warriors together as a team while fighting alongside the Heavenly Armies that Our Fathers will is done on this earth ! Thank You Holy Spirit for giving us utterance , we are your vessels!
  • Believers who walk in holiness are always against such sinfulness listed. We repent on behalf of our Nation’s involvement and any way we haven’t stood against those things even more. We extend the cross of Christ across our history of those things with His blood, forgiveness & restoration we pray in Jesus name.

Very small to read and have no way to sign it. Wish we could get printed copies. My prayer partner and I prayed at 1:36 for Maine and then we read your decree for the state of Maine also. It was so awesome to know and feel the prayers of other intercessors praying for God’s purposes to be done in America.thank you Lord that you are King of kings and Lord of lords.

Maybe you could read it out loud and then sign just a signature page you make on your own and post on refrigerator? Karla Muller and all my House sign in agreement “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15.

Dutch girls are the reason Santa has a naughty list mug

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