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I watch cartoons with my boys, dress up in cosplay, go to conventions, play with action figures, have cats, play video games, and enjoy life. I won’t ever stop watching cartoons. How awful and tragic. Prayers for this sweet boy, his sisters who witnessed it, and all who love him. Prayers to for the family of the man who pulled the trigger.

  • What a horrific thing to know someone in your family did. May we never forget the suffering that results from actions such as this spread far and wide. it is a terrible tragedy and I feel so heartbroken for this family but those 2 little girls have been so heavy on my heart. I really hope they get some counciling and extra love from their parents.
  • When I laid down last night I couldn’t stop thinking about them, wondering if they would be able to sleep, would they wake up with nightmares. I pray especially for them! Losing their little brother is one thing but to see it happen? Those poor little girls. A nightmare that will never go away.
  • And those parents who need to be there for their daughters while grieving the loss of their little boy..there are just no words. Prayers for them all. Lord please hold this family in your loving arms and help them heal the best they can.

Broke my heart when I read about it. Children should be able to safely ride their bikes on a sleepy street in any town. I can’t imagine the horror this precious child’s family is going through. Praying for them to find peace.

I gasped out loud when I read this post. I literally felt like the wind had been knocked out of me, and my heart weighed 100 pounds, after reading the details of this story, which is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. No racist thought passed my mind for a nanosecond when posting my reaction. It was just a description of what I felt in that moment, nothing else.

Those who have tried to turn it into something sinister hopefully got the attention that they were so desperately seeking by trying to create division In the midst of a tragedy.

Dumb and Dumber Toilet Scene Harry Dunn Bathroom Poster

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