Drums Hawaiian Shirt


Drums Hawaiian Shirt
Drums Hawaiian Shirt

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Hayes’ opinion stands in want of correction. It’s a well-known ancient incontrovertible fact that whereas most of the founding fathers have been slaveholders, many others were no longer, including the very renowned John Adams.

Are we to throw away all the decent assistance provided by using our forefathers because of their one collective vice? To a degree, the Northern states may well be “constructed on the backs of slaves,” but the South turned into by means of and big destroyed all through the Civil struggle, and the building of the Western states, for all intents and applications, did not occur unless after Reconstruction. Our contemporary economic gadget was not “devised for the prosperous founding fathers,” but via J.P. Morgan and the “banking have confidence,” culminating within the advent of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and is as removed from the founders’ meant fiscal system as can be. Our founding ideals are not the supply of our ills. We are.

— Scott Kelly, Huntington seashore

Newsom’s appropriation of so a good deal taxpayer funds

Re “State spending spree reliant on finances hints” (July four):

here is an excellent article on our governor’s appropriation of the taxpayers’ money for quite a lot of needs.  One area now not mentioned is the recent surprising billions of windfall cash that the state has gained. As an alternative of the usage of this funds for much mandatory California infrastructure advancements, which may also be boring devoid of a good deal visibility, our governor has chosen to provide money distributions to the general public.

This contains with it the elements of speedy gratification and a whole lot mandatory political bling for Gov. Newsom. Although i will’t blame him for opting for this path on account of his recent history of being below assault, i’m not at ease along with his underlying concept techniques that encourage such action.

Drums Hawaiian Shirt

— Jack powerful, lengthy beach

Waves of clear power

We keep pondering solar and wind for clear energy.

alas, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t at all times blow. In the meantime there’s a very good big ocean appropriate round the corner with waves that continue 24/7. Why don’t we harness that energy to generate electricity? I remember there are difficulties however in the long run it can be the way to go.




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