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Do we not think that the Israelites faced similar fears as they ran from a corrupt government (Egypt) trying to chase them down towards the Red Sea? Don’t you think many of them believed they were headed towards their doom? Yet God intervened and gave the victory. We have the victory! Thank you Lord!!!

  • The secret alliance of Big Tech, China, WHO and other one world Government agents simply do not want you. Unfortunately for them, the United States voters want you. Do not let them down. Fight for us, fight to the bitter and,and don’t let them get away with theft.
  • Oh and how many are those votes LEGAL, and not Produced by the people doing the counts because THEIR BOY was losing. First they kicked out the Poll watchers, then put up cardboard on the windows, to block the shady operation they were doing to give biden more votes. They should ALL BE ARRESTED.Votes all thrown out . Then have in person voting ,no mail ins period
  • Opiyo , that’s how kina babu owino, Jimmy wanjigi etc have been cheating ati wakenya wote wanamtaka lakini tip stet hawamtaki…trump was beaten , defeated , dismembered, dislocated, dislodged, forcefully evicted by voters of united states… usimdanganye

Jesus came to me and Wendy Locklear and countless millions of other American patriots in our dreams this week. He has explained the time has come to defend our American way of Life at ALL COSTS. Despite what they say on CNN and in the New Your Lying Times, Wendy Locklear and I do not want violence. But we are no pussywillows!

We are no sissies! If we are pushed, we will push back with a might like the satanic liberals could never imagine! This is the will and the command of Jesus! We will never surrender our guns! We will come by the thousands, by the millions, and we will prevail! Hail Trump! Our New and Forever President!

In your dreams! Should Trump somehow lose… You don’t even know who you voted for! It will be Kamala that’s going to be president! God help our country! Yeah it’s a shame he had to cheat to get there but what’s done in dark will be exposed and the TRUE AMERICAN people of this country is angry

If everything is under control You are just not driving fast enough Moto Racing poster

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