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On the other hand dome of you cannot stand to see people progress we come with our negative. There is a pandemic and everyday something changes everything is not set in stones. Lets build each other up instead of picking apart and putting down. I simply say congrats to here because she is still rising as a business in this hard time.

  • The world is falling apart and we still fighting each other. And I see she’s one of the amazing people who does not breath in or out of there nose! It’s so amazing how so many humans have noses for nothing but decorations. Am I the only one who picked up on was when she’s talking about washing her hand 50000 times a day but then proceeds to touch the handle of the faucet to turn off the water which is incorrect hand washing procedure.
  • Can u have ur show – give us tips – have athletic guests on your show ! Then show the rest of the world how to cook great healthy meals for those that work long hours (10-12 hours as a nurse ) let me know when FOOD network hits u up ! The NBA should be paying her a (huge) salary, none of this pay dependent on how many teams are in.
  • They need to be paying her well and giving her great benefits with all of their billions. I’m assuming with an “inner” and “outer” bubble they are trying to keep the players from getting sick? If so then why does the food make contact with so many different people handling it? Makes no sense to me.

If only they treated and paid women what we are worth, because I’m sure WNBA food was the crap disney was serving, and I’m sure they paid this awesome chef a fraction! Apparently they’re/ Disney.. is not concerned with all that plastic and trash from those single serving containers for every meal… while Disney world is open for public business.

So why can’t these players eat on PLATES?! I love watching how sanitized she handle the food preparation to packing them, looks so yummy ….well done for this great awesome chef and these NBA guys she served are so lucky and blessed. This was awesome to see how you just get it done!

Congratulations to Chef Lex and Joy for your work and providing great meals. My daughter was a culinary arts student and is now at TSU studying to be a Registered Dietitian with a minor in Sports Medicine and hopes to cook and plan meals for pro and college sports. An inspiration to our generation of chefs coming behind you. How much plastic is being wasted?!!!?!? But people crying about climate change!!! Make them use their own plates and forks and wash them personally for each meal!!


Dory I’m never drinking again Oh look Southern Comfort tumbler

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