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Like I said tomato, tomatoe. It’s not Barr. This is a long-standing, fixed ruling that came into place under the justice department in the Nixon era. Trump damaged America with his pathetic decisions. He deserve to be locked up at prison and throw away the keys.

  • This loss of protection against prosecution is precisely why he’s so desperate to stay in office another four years. If he really wanted to be president he wouldn’t be in the White House currently rage tweeting with a blank calendar.
  • Trump’s childish behavior is so ridiculous. It must be clear to him that, because he spoke of fraud even before the election, all counters behave particularly carefully so as not to give rise to any doubt. He should finally realize that no one will be able to detect any election fraud. He just lost.
  • Bärbel Dietz-Becker just Googled it. Yes he did, it says he told his supporters to vote twice and the article pointed out it’s a crime. A person used to cheating will always ball cheat when they lose. Glad to see the despicable man out on his ear. I have started telling those right-winged whackos that Biden is God’s chosen one and if they deny him they are destined for hell – they suddenly become very quiet.

I hope he is prosecuted for every rotten thing he has done that is also illegal. Ditto for his offspring. Start with the things his former cronies are already in prison for. I bet some prosecutors in New York state already have plenty. And no, I don’t hate Trump or anyone else — I hate what they have done that has inflicted great suffering on others, and I think they should be held accountable for their actions.

Can’t wait for this clown to leave he has been nothing but a nightmare and so stressful for this country how in the world did this clown even get elected it’s beyond me. As he should. Even while in office, or especially while in office, a President should never be above the law. And that’s why he’s conning his flock into sending him their hard earned money.


Don’t New York My Florida shirt, tank top, hoodie

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