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Good for Delta! They handled it without a scene or cameras needed. Then they went a step beyond. Thank you Delta. We may choose to fly you again, sometime in the future.

Both Delta and American Airlines lose my money. I know it won’t make a big difference. I agree with this story, but I disagree with the BLM pins. I’m sure that there are a lot of Delta employees that are also pissed about the pins and support of BLM. BLM are not acting as PEACEFUL PROTESTERS. If they were, I would support their effort, but it doesn’t look like that’s likely to happen.

Good On you Delta! I will make sure you get more of my business! What that lady did, swapping out the mask was intimidation and she was literally just trying to start a fight. I’m very impressed that delta stuck up for the right person!!!

Oh goodness! delta thrives on other corporations with regular business travelers that understand being against BLM is a death sentence for their company. They don’t really care about your once a year flight to Florida. But I will make a point to travel delta more now

Blue line and red line have been around way before BLM was a massive thing I’ve been a firefighter since 2002 and it’s always been called redline. Cops are blueline and people would state blue lives or red lives matter

Wow all because of a mask. she got offended and they praised her as if had the cure to all sickness in the world. If I was next to a someone with a mask or anything that reads ‘build the wall,send them back’ I wouldn’t care.

All lives matter….red, yellow black and white are precious in his sight. All lives matter…doesn’t matter what color your skin is …..the thing that matters is what is in your heart. Treat all with respect!

Women puts on a mask that says “Blue Lives Matter”, fellow passenger proceeds lecture her fellow passenger on her political views and Delta rewards her for her political activism on its plane… A he said she said story but we’ll take her said because we are biased and discriminatory, that’s what I read. Great way to pick sides Delta

Don’t California My Arizona shirt

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