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So ready nov 2 had 32 employees biden projected to win big industrial companies pausing till after mid terms so nov 2 /32 employees nov 7/2 employees so how is sleepy joe and horizontal Harris fixing American when there costing jobs before its official orange guy was a idiot by all means but man the economy was moving was gonna add 10-19 more Jobs in dec not now.

  • This doesn’t seem right, it’s like this whole mail in ballots thing was planned that’s open for fraud, people with jurisdiction can’t even observe the count, Is this what Pelosi meant when she said “Even if Trump gets the votes he will not be President,” and Biden said to his supporters “I dont need your votes for the election I need you after the election,”
  • Nothing but lies! trump started fueling this conspiracy months ago. And you are all so gullible as to believe it. There us no fraud. If there was, wheres the evidence? There are poll watchers from both parties watching the count. No fraud!
  • Like anyone cares what you say! Theres no fraud. So tell your boy that now is the time to pack his bags because he’s on his way out the door! if you believe you voted the way God wanted you to vote then your vote stands for something. If you’re trusting God you have to trust that no matter who is in office is apart of His plan.

For the last four years the other side claimed election fraud and interference. Demanded recounts. Now that it’s happening to Trump, they are telling everyone to just sit back and shut up. I don’t understand how people don’t see this as an overall problem for either side.

Whether it’s happening to Biden or Trump, it needs to be looked into, because there is clearly something going on. Democrat or republican, everyone should want a fair and legal election, and if that means having to recount then so be it. If Trump truly lost it shouldn’t be a problem?

Vinnie Digiovine false. He wanted to stop counting votes that weren’t allowed to be observed, which is illegal. He never once said, stop counting legal votes. He said stop counting if we can’t watch. If everyone can’t see a problem going on in PA, not with just denying access to watch, but much more. It’s very sad.


Don’t California My Arizona shirt

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