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Some bandwagons are worth jumping on. The same was said about the rainbows of Pride and now when you see the rainbow (pre Covid NHS) we all identify the banner. The figures say it all really don’t they. Thank you MIND for highlighting where the system needs to be improved to ensure all people are treated equally. Mental health does not discriminate and nor should the system or the mental health treatment facilities.

  • define systematic racism? People getting treated differently because they’re black. Example? A post about the mental health of black people results in OUTRAGE in the comments. I mean do you really need four more examples??
  • it’s a really simple thing to Google. There’s loads of proof. The fact that you haven’t accepted it yet is your problem. there’s a difference between not agreeing with someone and denying the racism that it seen in everyday life which IS systemic racism. want some examples? look up how often black people are stopped and searched in comparison to white people. covid deaths, grenfell, windrush, children at school being bullied for the colour of their skin / religion.
  • When someone says “define racism” it usually means they have no intention of actually listening and will instead argue why it’s not actually racism even when it’s pointed out to them. So nope, wise to that one. google, the famous source if information, you know literally anyone can write stuff on the internet lol As I ask you to provide specifics to back up your view! why would I do that work for you
does it mean that lol or are you using bias to make an assumption about a stranger!! maybe I was just trying to understand something from someone else’s view point, you know in the old days people used to discuss things to reach understanding. Not like today when people throw a strop if they dont agree… back to your safe space!!
I don’t think a trusted and established organisation such as MIND should be jumping on the BLM political wagon. Surely everyone with mental health issues matter! “For those saying all lives matter, we know everyone experiencing a mental health problem deserves support and respect. But Black people face additional discrimination in the mental health system. The figures tell it all. Creating a fairer system means addressing the racism within it.”


DJ Cat Lose Your Mind Find Your Soul Poster

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