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My dogs, cat, horses, sheep and cows all know 4pm is hussle time for dinner. They all start barking or mooing baa’ing and neighing together. FML I’ve created lil routine police animals lol
  • My girl Bella is my time keeper. She knows my alarm time just before it rings. I used to to think she could hear the computer’s sound waves before me, but I think it’s time because she knows on a Saturday too when there’s no alarm! She counts to 3 snooze alarms and if I don’t get up she nudges me and makes noise. 5:30pm I have to get up for her walk.
  • But the most amazing was when my boy Jimmy needed 6 hourly medication to live. If I fell asleep before the midnight dose, she would wake me up and keep trying until I got up, for 3 months every night. The first time she didn’t get me up, I slept til 4am then couldnt find him. He had gone bush and she realised before me, that he wanted no more meds. He lived 5 more days, but she never hassled me to give him medication again, or acted like that in the year since. How did she know it was midnight? Was it his breathing?
Our Husky who passed away in June always knew when it was time for the kids to get on the bus and when it was time for them to come home. Ever during the summer months he wanted outside just before 7a looking for the kids.
I’ve got a Malamute who rags his sisters and shot-putts his ball up and down our hall if I’m not quick enough and dinner is late… he comes through, looks at me, stamps his paws and woos if that doesn’t work. And I love him for it!
10 to 5 my DDB will bark at me to get up , walk to the kitchen door turn and look at me , if I haven’t moved he’ll bark again , walk in the kitchen turn and pop his head round to see if I’m getting out , he leads me to the freezer as if I don’t know where I’ve put it
My little Lillyfee knew when it was time for her food. She squeaked on me until I fed her. Unfortunately she no longer squeals at me because she died 14 days ago. I miss it very much. My GSD knows when my son’s bedtime is and if my son is late, he will follow him around and try to heard him into the kitchen….where the cookies are

Dixie Boy Truck stop open 24/7 diesel service dinner shower arcade shirt,tank top, hoodie

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