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Back the land which you swallowed and obey the law. Peace thus prevails. You demolishes their homes killed children. What type of peace u want??? Hypocrites, If you live peacefully and to live other peacefully. And to back the land which you Theft

  • We want the peace we all could’ve had if your leadership had accepted their state- and ours – back in ’47 and several times thereafter, Can you picture your brothers free, they not capable to handle any responsibility,they always been a gypsy of Arabs world
  • And how about the hundred of thousands of Palestinians who were thrown out of their homes. You’re missing the point! You claimed that the Palestinians are a made group, just because some of them were born in Egypt! According to your logic, Jews are a made a group as well, because the overwhelming majority of them were born all over the world.
  • where were did you to school, because you just proved a point that you are not very educated. You just stated that Jews are a made up group of people. It’s the oldest or one of the oldest religions in the world.

My grandmother was a Marine, my father and stepfather are Marines, and my oldest son leaves for San Diego boot camp in six days, My dad was a Marine, I’m very proud of him, he served twice. Second time, voluntarily

Wonderful to see the younger generation seeking knowledge about our country and its history. Great example, Rickey. And also a great example of peaceful rally with your MAGA dance off. Well done.

Love what you stand for, Ricky. A very good example for the younger generation and showing them you’re not a sheep and how to be a true American. I’m very impressed with you! You make people smile. Awesome! My husband had his picture hanging in there! We saw it in 2008. I have no idea if it is still there though.

Keep reading your history and searching for truth in it. So many younger people these days have been brainwashed and have not learned proper history. Thank you. My Dad was a Marine. Played the trombone at Roosevelt’s inauguration. Now I have a Grandson in the Marine Corps.

Diving And She Lived Happily Ever After Poster

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