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Very nice . I wish I was creative that looks so time consuming especially for me the inexperienced. Mine wdnt end up looking like that., Always wanted to try something like that while we were obsessed with cement projects. I think my hands are shot for anything like that now. But never say never. Thanks for sending

  • who in the hell has an exta bag of cement around to make this water garden let,s get real there are plenty of thing,s to do at home closet,s , cooking washing playing cards ets. get to it we have the time give it a try
  • Usually really hate these cement diy’s (they seem so pointless and what you make is often unnecessarily heavy), but this one is really cool and pretty. Unfortunately I don’t have the room for that kind of thing.
  • how the pump push the air up with water n the water not return back along with ahole level of a bottom pool .plse explain. Im lowkey gonna invest in making this it looks awesome im gonna make one for me and see how it is and if i do good ill make you one and and paint it
  • So it’s ok to tear down our statues and try to change our history but not maintain the rose garden! Anyone who gardens knows things get overgrown and need to be replaced, grow up and please leave our First Lady alone, she’s doing a wonderful job.

It looks lovely. She could put colored flowers in eventually. Maybe it’s easier for the Secret Service to watch the area. Besides it always takes a little while for the new plants & growth to take hold.

Did any one think that maybe something was wrong with the trees? Why not give her the benefit of the doubt? Did any of you ever see the rose garden for yourself? One story I read was that she returned it back to the elegance of 1962 which was more like the original rose garden was intended to be.

I think it reflects her mood. Her mood as an American. She’s a little down things look a little bleak. Next year it will be the most beautiful spectacle you’ve ever seen, This is absoutely beautiful…she did a wonderful job…and shame on you all that made negative comments…if this was your yard , you would be bragging up a storm…its gorgeous and she should be praise for such a wonderful job well done…you all are a bunch of haters that just want to hurt feelings shame on you….good job Melania!!

Easily distracted by garden and wine poster

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