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He is supposed to star in the remake of Walker Texas Ranger…I think it would be great to have then Supernatural cast be guests in a Halloween episode in costume. On a side to that have Jensen and Misha roll up in baby as fake FBI

  • I feel like thw cast members are gonna go through a depression period from not being apart of the Supernatural family anymore, Just call Jensen up and be like let’s go on a road trip in the Impala for old time sake and be in character for the trip haha fans would go crazy. Would be hilarious and awesome. Film it would get heaps of views
  • Sam and dean wont ever leave the two of you! You guys where amazing all these years you dont have to be filming to have sam and dean around. They’ll always be within the two of you. Because I mean to be completely honest., They are you. Just from another world.
  • You played him so well . Been a fan from day one .. one of my most favorite shows ever definitely in my top 2 . Thanks for all your work brother sam and Dean forever,  That just means there is a new show or move to create that people will love just as much. Change is hard, but also encourages growth and new adventures
I was just thinking earlier today how hard it must of been for them after finishing the last episode of Supernatural. How much tears and heartache, I am sure dear Sam makes his appearances from time to time in your daily life. You can’t play a character for 15 yrs and not still act like him.
I start watching when was pregnant with my son spike he 14 now I can’t seem bring my self watch yet for past 3 years now ready, It has to be hard and has to feel like a piece of you is missing. Don’t grieve it, just continually let it flow through who you are becoming

Dean Winchester The Scream Art shirt

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