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Well said, could have said it better. Watched since day one. Wish I had cable to watch it. It just means I can go to netflix and watch from the beginning. It’ll take me a while to get to the end… Pinapanood ko to every night binalikan ko Yung Pilot episode now nasa season 2 episode 17 nako grabe very beautiful the writer of Supernatural is really great . And all actor

  • What an absolute pleasure it was to follow this show from my teens to adult hood. Not much tears me up but the finale had me sobbing like a little baby. I think the finale was giving complete and utter justice, would like to thank all that made this show what it was. Carry on, my wayward son There’ll be peace when you are done.
  • I’m just wondering. But now that it’s all over. What’s going to happen to baby? Do you get to keep her? In real life I mean not on the show? Thank you for an amazing 15 years. Stumbled across “Supernatural” on Netflix back in April, during our lockdown… had no idea what this show was about. Currently on Season 12!! Talk about binge watching and being hooked!!! I’m thinking we should complete the series by the end of the year!! Best part of 2020 is this show!!
  • The UK still has a few episodes I have been watching this since I was, 40, so have grew old with my Winchester boys I’m gonna be crying my eyes out when it’s done and I’ve always been a team Dean fan

Bittersweet ending to a great show. They’re all together again and as Bobby said to Dean, everyone is happy. I’m so glad I can still enjoy the reruns! Thanks to the Supernatural cast and crew for giving its many fans so much viewing pleasure these past 15 years! And we’re gonna miss you to, Misha. I was so hoping they would bring you back before the ending. Your a great actor. Good luck to you.

It was a very beautiful ending though i dont want that to end. But maybe they can continue their happiness in the heaven they all deserve. Goodbye sam and dean and cass we will gonna miss you forever.  I only seen the last half hour & it was enough to make me cry like a baby!! I’m so sad it’s over! Thank you all for 15 years of good times! Love you all!!

I was crying & screaming at the tv..I’ve watched this show since day 1..when I had nothing in my life I always had Supernatural..I will miss this show & Sam & Dean more than I can put into words

Dean Winchester The Scream Art shirt

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