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We don’t want or need a vaccine. You might loose your base over this warp speed vaccine. We are counting on you to make the right decision. I don’t want a vaccine, I don’t want that poison in my body! Tell Bill Gates to go to hell. Please don’t make this mandatory. We are still free to make our own decisions

  • I really would like to know exactly where you stand on all of the forced vaccinations and personal choices. Also what you plan on doing about it. I also support you now but can not support anyone who won’t support my freedom of choice!
  • Make Hydroxy chloroquine available to everyone who would benefit from its prophylactic use. No vaccine necessary. Do what’s right, do what’s wise, don’t pander to those who are stricken by fear, brainwashing or corruption.
  • Where in the world did you get that idea? High marks from Breitbart or OANN? That’s the same as me giving high marks to my dog for being a good boi. It means squat.
  • We thank you. The covid sickness is bad in the public schools where my son teaches. Would it not be best to have all to do virtual learning to be fair and equal to both students and teachers and much more safe till the covid is better?

Vaccinations are pretentious at best. Has it had a real effect on the flu or what about the cold? We need to build our immunity from within. Basic diet and supplements can change this whole dynamic. Why do old folks succumb to this virus? Their immunity is down. Give them A D C Zinc. Save the elderly

Why push a vaccine when we have other alternatives. That vaccine is not going to be good for anyone but fausi. Need to get rid of him. Trust the doctors that know what they are talking about. Fausi has no idea what he is talking about. He isnt on the front lines. And with a 95% survival rate why do we need a vaccine.

All you care about is yourself and your ratings. Who cares what your numbers are? Real people are getting sick and dying. And please, please, please put on a damn mask!!!

Deadpool Fuck Corona shirt,hoodie, long sleeve

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