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My Golden is scared of a large body of water but that’s because he had an ear infection when I first got him and it was late fall. He was maybe 6 or 7 weeks old. So we were going into winter. Unfortunately I chose a bad vet because for 2.5 years he had constant ear infections and I had to keep take him back.

  • One day he started with it again and she wouldn’t even give me anything to treat him myself and he was just there 6 weeks ago so I took him to some one different for a second opinion.
  • That will be two years ago in a few weeks and he has only had a very slight flair up and I had a tube of ointment for it that the new vet gave me and all i have to do is call for a refill. I have never had to take him to the vet again for an ear infection. that woman was intentionally not treating his ear properly for the continued emergency visits or she doesn’t know what she is doing.
  • She has been there fore a good 20 years. I think she knows exactly what she is doing. Ripping people off. Yes they are out there people. Beware and get a second opinion if a vet is having a problem treating or analyzing something. That is YOUR baby that suffers.

When I was a teenager. My mother and stepdad raised German Shepard’s the first one we took to the lake one weekend and she fell off the boat dock and almost drown trying to get back on the dock. Because she wouldn’t try to swim. We ended up having to putting her back on the dock by one of us pushing and the other pulling her up on the dock my stepbrother was in the lake and got bitten by a turtle.

If that was a guy doing that, we’d have had endless rants and screams of ‘Arrest that pedo’ but since it’s the other gender,all we’re seeing are murmurs and fake excuses about her having a problem.  I for one, would have been appalled if she tried to take advantage of my thirteen year old innocent minded self. Shame SHAME shame… I didn’t know her when I was 13.

If it’s only kissing here there’s probably not a legal situation (might be technically possible but seems unlikely even if so) but either way people are going to find it gross and wrong And? Where those clowns at who keep saying Age is just a number, love is love, love has no boundaries and those garbage shts thay they boast

Damn Right I am a Seattle Seahawks fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

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