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The workers were busy six days a week from early in the morning until late at night. In addition, Trump got involved – which was not unusual in the New York construction industry in those years – with the “Concrete Club”, a cartel controlled by the mafia unions and companies that drove up prices in the concrete industry through agreements and unwilling contractors went on strike.

  • Trump bought the concrete from a company owned by “Fat Tony” Salerno from the Genovese family and “Big Paul” Castellano from the Gambino family. He also came to terms with John Cody, whose New York Teamsters union controlled the cement transport. When the construction industry in the city was largely paralyzed by strikes in 1982, Trump Tower remained unaffected.
  • How Giuliani and Trump are liars and racists????? Facts????? Thanks to them both for actually keeping our country and NYC safe Look at NyC city Now! This what america will like under biden. Don’t hold your breath! What more do you want rudy to implode, oh he did that already! These two are now a comedy duo, one lies and the other swears to it. What a sick joke, two clowns, one very dangerous vindictive one that will be leaving in January, rudy will be non existent in our world.
  • I think you are describing the method used by democrats to try to get rid of our president. Only it was fbi working with the press. Only problem is what makes the difference is the dems didn’t have truth on their side. It is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that there was cheating done during this election and in most cases it benefited Biden in a massive way.

Why doesn’t the potus and his lawyers simply present their evidence of fraud? Why won’t the witnesses testify under oath? Those things would end this whole thing. After 200 likes they begin earning money. If you wish to donate to them just click “like”. BOTS like each other’s post to help each other out. You’ll notice BOTS never answer your comments, they have moved on to another post made by President Trump.

Bush cheated in 2000. If Gore had pushed the fight he would have won. Bush hired out of town goons to protest at Miami counting office. Just read your history books and interviews of those who were there. Instead Gore choose to concede for the betterment of the country. THe comedy act is all of the Leftist sycophant’s that believe that biden got 80 million votes. 12 million more than obama… more votes than anyone EVER. And their understanding of MATH and Statistics …

There has NEVER been an election with this high of a % of the total registered voters..County after county had more votes than registered voters… How does that happen ?? Shawn Teigland you’re replying to yet another one of Trump’s cult from God knows where, probably the Middle East Tran Tuan Viet isn’t in or from United States. Just a heads up.

Dadzilla father of the monster vintage shirt, tank top, hoodie

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