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Wales and France take the knee in a pre-Euro 2020 friendlyCredit: Reuters

Wales have taken the knee over the past year and continued to do so throughout Euro 2020.

Interim manager Rob Page said: “We had a meeting and we all think it’s still important to take the knee.

“That’s the message we’ve given out. We’re all in it together and there were no issues.”


Belgium are the only non-British team to announce they will take the knee throughout Euro 2020.

Romelu Lukaku said of any negative reactions: “I don’t care. I fight for diversity.

“Not only for the black community, also for the women. Colour, sexuality, faith, it doesn’t matter. Everybody should be respected.”

Which teams have not taken the knee at Euro 2020? Hungary

Hungary point to the Uefa Respect badge as Ireland take the kneeCredit: Reuters

The Hungarian FA were the first association to confirm they would not take the knee at Euro 2020.

In a statement they said they view the knee as a political gesture in defiance of Uefa and Fifa rules.

It read: “The basic values ​​of the sport are equal opportunities, respect for the teammate and the opponent.

“Football may have become the most popular sport in the world because it belongs to everyone.

“The Hungarian national team not only follows the international rules and norms in all cases, but also pays tribute to everyone – be it an opponent, a fan or anyone else.

“MLSZ has been fighting all forms of hatred for years as part of the ‘Hate is not a track’ campaign.

Daddy Shark Tumbler

“The rules of UEFA and FIFA do not allow politicization on the pitch and in the stadium either, which the MLSZ not only accepts but also agrees with.

“The national team will not express its condemnation of any form of hatred by kneeling before the matches.”

During their warm-up game against Ireland, Hungary pointed to the Uefa Respect logo on the sleeves of their shirts while the Irish team took the knee and were booed by a sizeable portion of the 15,000 crowd.

The gesture is thought to be hugely unpopular with a core group of Hungarian supporters, who marched to the Puskas Arena before Hungary’s game against France with an anti-kneeling banner.




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