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One America news. Apparently in Arizona many mail in ballots from trump supported counties never got counted/were delivered etc. The number is reported to be high. Can’t remember the number but may have given trump Arizona. Wisconsin I believe is similar.

  • I hope they look are Arizona I heard pollsters was forcing trump voter to use a Sharpe which wouldn’t read going through the ballot counter. Wonder why Trump isn’t talking about Rhode island, virginia Trump won both of them this is all bullcrap they are making sure biden wins.
  • This is all a disaster that’s going to take weeks of months to figure out. There’s no way joe over took the battleground states over night. I hope they get this all sorted for the sake of our “free world”.
  • If the situation likes that, no more free world, socialism in America instead. Just wondering what would happen if Joe Biden as the president! Make every American vote again in person in front of the national guard and see the outcome,I knew something was going to happen its not close to over yet ,Trump 2020.

Praying non stop for you Mr. President. We need your leadership! I’m terrified of what will happen to our country if Biden gets in. Thank you Mr. President for all you do for us! We all knew it was going to be corrupt! I hope you put them all in Epsteins cell! Seize all assets!

Mary Elizabeth – opinion. We heard old foul mouthed, anti-Semite, Muslim, Democrat, from Detroit, Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, won her re-election. Wherever Rashida Tlaib is, there will be fraud and deceit. The Democrats are liars – cheaters – and thieves. Unless it’s ILLEGAL or IMMORAL the corrupt Democrats won’t play. Good for you!! Thank you for making sure it’s legal. Probably should do this to Arizona as well.

Yeah the 3.6 million total registered voters also includes people not living anymore so looks like dead people voting to me…. i mean the states try to take the names of the dead off the voter rolls, but I’m guessing with this election it wasn’t a top priority… And Jorgensen didn’t gain or lose any votes (because she’s not a threat to Biden winning) suspicious AF.

Dachshund Dog Sitting On Toilet Poster

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