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Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. … There are different dimensions of Violence and different types of violence.. Godly Violence to Stop Evil people from achieving their aims and devilish violence of establishing Evil acts… It takes Violence to stop the Evil plotters cause Satan only understand the language of violence before he succumbed.

  •  Godly violence like that incited by Trump like the Maga Parkland terrorist, the Maga El Paso terrorist, the Michigan capitol armed terrorist that Trump called “really good people” and the Michigan terrorists arrested for TERRORISM for plotting to kidnap and kill the Michigan governor which Trump never once condemned.
  • Here’s the witch-hunt trump been screaming for years. Go down the rabbit hole and give that conman all your money. Biden is your president. We need to help Donald Trump to Get more Voters It is very very very important we need Keep raising our voices needs to Be hard for all Americans out Isis needs to be counted for all Americans and We need to keep raising our voices needs be hard for All Americans and It is very very important to All Americans Out there and We need to keep working for every single Americans your voices does count.
  • God bless you and your family, and Vice President Pence family! We the People support you , and ONLY COUNT We the PEOPOLE’s LEGAL VOTES. Delete illegal residents’ vote via mail-in ballots. Remember there is another election in Georgia 2021January .

President Trump 2020-2024! Is this another money making campaign for you legal fights in 2021? Don’t forget all those dirty loans are due in 2021. If Biden proves with sufficient evidence that he stole the election, was elected illegally, and was not punished, then American democracy would collapse. In this case, I advocate that each state hold a referendum on independence, and then the independent states form a confederate state to launch a civil war against the Democratic socialist pseudo-regime and defend American values.

Financial cliff ahead: In late December, 12 million people lose extended unemployment, eviction moratoriums, and mortgage freezes (all from the CARES Act), all while the U.S. slides into a pandemic hell of widespread illness and lockdowns. Without immediate help, millions of low-income people will lose their incomes and homes, and that sort of economic carnage is neither tolerable to Democrats nor easily reversible in a recovery. Also, Joe’s on the scene.

Cycologist shirt, tank top, hoodie

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