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I asked the stern lady where I could place a request for them to look out for them and to our astonishment she insisted my husband and I go back into the gallery to look for them! Richard and I had the surreal experience of being alone with the famous statue and running around like kids for those 10 minutes until we gave up empty handed. They were so gracious and we have a great memory!

  • My ATM card wouldn’t work in Portugal and I was without cash in a credit-less city. Spent a full day going to banks with no luck, and told my story to some fellow travelers sitting at the next table at dinner. They lent me cash that I eventually wired back to their home country and saved my trip! We eventually met up again years later in MY home city when they visited too!
  • My parents drove us four kids and Grandma from Illinois to Orlando in the car towing a travel trailer. On Easter morning 1972, in Chattanooga, a tire came off as we were exiting the highway and went rolling down a steep embankment as we came to an abrupt stop. The man who stopped to help us knew the man who owned a service station… which was closed for the holiday.

He also knew where to find him on Easter morning. This stranger went to the church, sat in the parking lot and waited until the mechanic came out from church. They changed clothes, came and got the wheel, and helped us unhitch the car. My dad entertained us by taking us to Rock City at the mechanic’s suggestion and when we returned, he had the tire back on the trailer which was still on the side of the road. Six hours after a near-tragedy, we were back on the road and the family had a story to tell for the next 40 years.

Places and vistas and “sights” are all well and good…but after reading about so many “jams”, it became clear that it is the PEOPLE we meet who turn our “jams” into extra special memories. The night before my scheduled Pompeii tour with a professor (I studied Pompeii at university), the tour was cancelled. I went hoping to hire a guide onsite. Was there in off season and it was pretty quiet.

No guide would accept my offer (they said I could wait 2 hours for the cruise ships to come in but they told me they wouldn’t take me solo). Bummed & not willing to waste time. Bought an audio tour & went into explore. Sure enough, 2-3 hrs later it started to fill up with groups. I overheard a great local guide nearby educating the a family who hired him. I got pretty bold and approached the father. Explained that my guide cancelled and asked if I could follow their family from the back as well as take family photos & pay for their tour.

Custom Title Sunflower with Grandkids’ Names Fleece Blanket

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