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I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. The next morning I work up and thought wow no big deal then all my cousins talked about how horrible it was with the ship rocking back and forth and two of my cousins had to sleep on the bed in the opposite way because they were being tossed out of bed. So glad I slept through it all!!!

  • We were traveling NE USA in the family can with my wife and three kids. We had left Niagara about two hours before when our littlest had a gas attack. A seriously stinky gas attack. Even rolling down all the windows didn’t offer any relief. My other two kids then remembered we had our anchor from the Maid of the Most. They wrapped his lower half snuggly in 3 panchos. Problem solved.
  • After a magnificent tour of Portugal & the West coast of Spain, we docked in Barcelona with plans to spend a couple of extra days there before flying home. We were traveling with dear friends who have traveled much more extensively than my wife and I. They made the reservation for the Air B&b
  • We arrived at the building after dragging our large suitcases through the streets of Barcelona but were unable to get inside. The owner was communicating via text and assured us he could unlock the door with his phone.

Not Europe, but Ladakh in northern India: we had sketchy directions to a school at which I and three others were scheduled to do a teacher training workshop. We missed the critical turn (which was onto a tiny, tiny road) and drove on for hours more until we were stopped by soldiers with big guns! We’d managed to get to a disputed zone! Our driver attempted to argue with the soldiers, “teachers very important!”

We convinced him to turn back (we’re not that important!!) and spent the night in a little town that had already closed to tourists/ visitors for the season. We were able to convince a shop owner to boil water so we could eat some Maggi soup and fell asleep laughing hysterically at the close call and driver’s determination. We found our school the next day and had a wonderful time with amazing teachers and beautiful children. Good times!

Custom Title Sunflower with Grandkids’ Names Fleece Blanket

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