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Donnie Hamilton why do you think he is hated? All he spews is HATE. He doesn’t care about his masses, you are just his means to better himself. All he cares about is himself…PERIOD. Donnie Hamilton he is creepy sleepy Joe can’t even finish a sentence doesn’t even know where he went to college he can stay in his basement or go back to the.nursing home.

  • I know I can’t believe how twisted the DemoRATS are! Everything they do is evil and corrupt! They have been whittling away at our liberties and way of life for a long time! They need to be stopped and all the corrupt elites out there! Trump2020 Donnie Hamilton You’re absolutely right! DemocRats like Satan are after the souls of Americans! It’s telling when a party puts a phrase like that in their slogan! Worse still that any true American would support it!
  • I am only one vote. One voice, I believe in you, I did not vote for you in 2016 only because I wasn’t educated enough. You have more than proven yourself I am so excited to see what your next 4 years will bring!! God bless you my president .
  • Can you say delusional? Because you are. But, thank you for taking the time to write an essay, full of nothing but untruths!! Typical. Once again TRUMP 2020!!! Trump knows Covid is real he had it and he recovered. You will believe or make up anything you want. Let’s talk about the women you want to use against Trump.

It’s funny how the #METOO movement was everywhere on the news and of course women should be believed when they make a statement like that but than someone comes forward about Biden and boom, according to the Democrats it didn’t happen and she’s a liar. I just love the hypocrisy the Democrats have and btw I’m just gonna keep replying to your false statements with facts every time I see you post so go ahead.

Tricia, nobody is interested in your lies…. trump 2020! Get a grip… we don’t want a President that is corrupt and kills unborn babies. Wake up before it is too late if you want to keep your freedoms ‘cause your guy will destroy all of them!! Trump 2020!!!

So, since you know so much, what is Biden’s plan on anything except saying he has a plan? He won’t say if he plans to pack the Supreme Court, which we know he will. He doesn’t have a plan other than what Trump has already done, except shut the country down for ever, which is a stupid idea.

Covid-19 So no one told you life was gonna be this way Your job’s remote you’re broke mug

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