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Nope. I quit. Covid policies suck, the internet sucks, politics suck, and in general, regular people are just doing the best they can. You did make me smile though, so thanks for that.

  •  Jo Jorgensen presidency could and most likely would end the COVID19 Lockdowns. Yet due to the redefining of the term by Union Bosses, Americans are too frightened to speak in opposition to the COVID conspiracy. Thank you and God Bless you Daniel and Dr Paul for being possibly the only voices left out there that is on the part of the American people
  • The elite psychopaths are doing now what they’ve done from the beginning of this covid-19 hoax, fabricating numbers based upon nothing. anyway south Dakota never shut down so I would say that most of the population of South Dakota had been exposed as in “herd immunity” any way and I am sure there were no nursing homes involved..
  • They only say it was connected to 1 Death! ONE DEATH! 486,000 people meeting had to kill somebody right? Especially riding in on motorbikes!  No matte how credible the evidence is…our two crime families continue to argue for their followers entertainment…while they both crap on our constitution and intentionally lead U.S. to civil war.
The LEFT lies first… then watches to see how far their deceit will travel. It makes it even worse when thin-skinned carpetbaggers in government react to the fraudulent claims.
Thank you Sturgis Motocycle rally for “herd immunity”. No need for Gates dangerous vaccine. 99% of the people handle this nasty cold virus & recover with an immunity to said virus. Burn the mask & open up the country!!!!
You can’t believe a damn thing anymore and you can’t find the truth because all search sites have become political a n tell you what they won’t you to know we’re headed into dark waters get prepared
ere are two demographics that are unwilling to engage in dialogue, and that’s Progressive Activists and Devoted Conservatives. The reason is because they both get their information from unreliable sources like FOX and CNN instead of relying on the new media and independent news companies, and therefore have different, sometimes irrational or biased views.

It’s cor-o-na not coron-a Ron and Hermione shirt,tank top, hoodie

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