Buy it now: Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

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Johnson if only Hillary was stupid enough to have her computer checked. Has she been charged yet? Bloody hope so as we have no news of that here in OZ it all went silent with Covid taking the front stage. Pettit but he has no known record of sexual misconduct and violation, unlike Upstein’s homey a pedophile gang leader orange Donny.

  • this is also false because if looking at the percentages of deaths due to covid the highest % have been in democratic run states. Yes the president is the head of the country but does not control the states the governors do. Or so I’m lead to believe.
  • with all the shade and cheating, clear fraud he is to just walk away? Let the legal process play out for the sale of future elections, if the left didn’t in fact do anything to steal the election why not allow it to be reviewed legally?,
  • The dems Gave him NO PEACE the last 4 years . AND look what a great job he STILL ACCOMPLISHED ! This election isn’t over yet . Until proven he didn’t win , he has EVERY right and so do the people that believe in him to know the TRUTH

You can have him. Please ask him to come to your country if you love him so much. Imagine all the great things he will do for you there. Save America by having him for your leader. He’s winning at being the most delusional president EVER and that includes countries run by dictators. Big win for Trump on conning half the american people. Even republicans want him out.

maybe because your country occupiting every country has oil in the world for that reason they have the right to comment on this post more than US citizens, you first go away we are already away, we are not motherfuckers living on killing other people and steal their contires,  it’s kind of sad what happened Saturday night no news outlets reported it and the Democratic mayor told the police to stand down too think about it

You are not a Muslim. Trump has put all the Arabs kings and presidents on their knees to have relations with the Terror State of Israel and steal the Kouds charif and you Sayed Meslhy you clap ur hands to this illegal ex president…Joe Biden won the election.

Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

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