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no tRUMP supporters have any credibility! after 4 years of supportimg ridiculous lies, and after even attempting to kid nap amd kill a democratic Governor, because tRUMP said rise up and over throw the state,,,, we all know hos supporters will tell outrageous lies and do the most insane things to support him! So sit down shut up put on your grown person drawls and take the lost! Like respectable people! BUT WE ALREADY KNOW YOU NOT CAPABLE!

  • Please do your research. These are Honest patriotic fellow Americans that came forward and signed an affidavit under perjury. They have put their lives and their families lives in jeopardy to tell the truth, then to be threatened by the democrats with there lives and lively hood, they are truly warriors. If you feel it is an honest election, step up and be a man. Put it out there that it should be investigated and let the facts come out to prove your point. What’s there to hide, Right?
  • Look who can’t tell the truth, those idiots that tried to kidnap the Governor had pages of anti-Trump stuff on their social media. you didn’t even give it a good try! illegal fraudulent criminal cheating classified as (the will of the people) absolutely pathetic. You just can’t admit the voting system is flawed because you hate Trump. Your hate certainly blinds you to the truth.

Trump will keep doing this until January 20, 2021, because he is whipping up his base to donate to his “election defense fund.” He has made reportedly $170 million since the election. He is cynically using his defeat to fundraise and rip off his followers. The only fraud right now is the multiple fraud charges he may be facing after he leaves office. They are giving money to keep a criminal free.

This is the stupidest parroted comment from the left that just keeps on coming without any sense to it at all. How much money do you think is being spent to pursue all this fraud, file claims, get affidavits, present at hearings all over the country, etc…Mean while Biden has been asking for donations to support his “Dept of President Elect” (which by the way does not exist) and receiving millions for absolutely nothing…media silent and people like you have no idea they are being played once again.

Cleveland Browns 75th Anniversary 1946-2021 Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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