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I wonder why the left would be so determined to allow voter fraud to go unreported. Maybe it’s because they know something? And if it didn’t occur, there’s no reason to want to cover up. The funny thing here is everyone feels the need to insult me.

  • Apparently none of you are bright enough to actually formulate an answer to the question. “Instead of prank calls, they would be inundated with evidence.” Aren’t you assuming facts not in evidence? Do you know how many calls they got reporting possible fraud?
  • Submit those hundred of pages of supposedly authentic signed affidavits to the court instead of using them as a dog whistle for deplorable ears. Oh, that’s right, no self respecting law firm will carry water for the cultist lies. The judges have threatened trumps attorneys about bringing witnesses statements that were false.
  • That’s why all trumps lawyers left. They were afraid of being disbarred by the judges. trump is making the judges angry with his false conspiracy theories. Only a crazy man believes these theories and trump’s crazy.

Why would the Republican Party be begging and basically bribing people (Texas and their $1 million voter fraud reward) to bring them evidence of fraud? I mean if it is as widespread and visible as you Trumpers claim why the need to basically beg and bribe folks to find it? Why is Trump 1-21 now in court if this fraud is so widespread?

You are right. Nanci Pelosi, George Soros and che Guevara’s ghost sent out a signed Memo to all of us on the global left mailing list on how to interfere in elections. It was so successful that some 70 millions interfered in US elections. Some of them mailed in their ballots while others just showed up to vote on election day. Did you see the long lines outside polling places? What more proof does one need of Americans interfering in an US election! You don’t give up kevin. Keep up the good fight.

I am familiar with the stack of paper the press secretary show on cam. I am also familiar with my 300 paper stack that I printed for my many assignment. The fact of the matter is, I didn’t get to read any of them, and to my knowledge they aren’t made public yet. But sure, by all mean, if they are legit, send them to court and see if they hold up.

Oh Christmas Bee Ugly Christmas Sweater

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