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try looking at your state government. It’s their responsibility to make jobs for your state by appealing to companies. All the Presidency can do is eliminate the red tape which he did.

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  • We do alot of business with China.. So what.. Trouble is,. Joe and Hunter take millions of dollars of INFLUENCE Money… Like killing our Energy independence by shutting down our Oil, Gas, and Coal industry.. Who wins? China and Russia.. those coal miners were just pawns for TrUmP to lie to.
  • He cares about miners like he cares about illegal immigrants he has caged up! Same with people on social security or that have paid in for a good portion of their working lives. The nation has seen how he looks at the 240 thousand deaths and counting from Covid 19! His response! The stock market is bigger than the misery and death from his agenda. Human lives are expendible.

At least five of America’s coal producers went bankrupt in 2019. Prices for the fossil fuel have plunged 40% since a 2018 peak. Companies have cut dividends to try and hang on. Fracking companies have also gone bankrupt over the past three years. Prices are too low to sustain the businesses. It’s just a sign of the times.

where does trump have his campaign materials made china. And coal mining and burning will be outdated soon when looking at other modernized countries that are rapidly going green. Really? You believe what you said? You actually spent time in a school? Wow. You must have slept through every class.

Hilariously, in order to avoid uncomfortable questions about his handling of the virus response or the resulting economic catastrophe the Trump campaign has been insisting that the last debate be focused only on foreign policy.


Everything will kill you so choose something fun Snowmobiles poster

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