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If they use professional IT personnel who specialize in security issues, they will find the fraud and they can share this information with other States. Please please get this information out quickly! Each day that passes gives the left more energy and talking points to steal this election from we the people and you our president!

  • December 14th is rapidly approaching! The most rigged and corrupt election of all time!!! We want justice and we want action to correct this travesty!!! It’s a very sad time in American history if this corruption is to go forward, we want it stopped and corrected like yesterday!!!! I wonder what Facebook will do when the truth comes out.
  • They keep shoving down people’s throats these little messages that Biden is the projected winner. I’m tired of seeing it. Facebook changed Trump title from President to Politician… so disrespectful… he is our President until January 20th and there are legal proceedings happening.
  • Funny… his money was green while Facebook was charging him for all his advertising… wow fb true colors really came out in this election… very disappointing. I’m getting so sick of the little edits FB nazis do on these posts. “The US has laws, …”. Problem is that the Dems don’t have any regard for laws when they don’t work in their favor.

I think that Dominion is going to be very hard to sweep under the rug at this point. Please don’t give Up and Please don”t concede..sock it to the crooks and put them all in jail! There was no way they won, or would ever win, but your ballots were tossed, in many cases, and that was the only way they could pull ahead.

Don’t act as tho it was OK for them to have done that to you by conceding. You have many millions behind you so hang in there and continue the fight with the low life’s! Don’t approve of the crooked acts, rigged machines and tossing your good ballots…..put’m all in jail where they should be!

Don’t let them get by with the cheating and work they have caused you, the Best President Ever!I don’t think that there is any doubt that the Dems Rigged the results of the election, BUT I have a lot of doubt about it being corrected. I hope that our Legal System is able to sort it out and come up with the TRUE Winner.

All of us need to Pray for the TRUTH to come out of this !!! I can accept TRUTH, but there are just too many inconsistencies and too much evidence of fraudulent actions to accept it as it is now. KEEP on fighting to have the courts validate our election.


Chicago Bears Camo American Flag Personalized 3D hoodie

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