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It was one of the best days of my life but getting in was really difficult as I flew to Paris by myself for that purpose alone but I didn’t have a ticket!!!!!! OMG-talk about panic! I got up early on a bitterly cold, sunny day and hoofed it over there to line up with visitors from all over the world. We had a raucous time in line.

  • There was another line of fashionistas (who had their advance tickets) but us oldies had a blast waiting and chatting (and freezing!). We finally got in and I had made a new friend who was about my age. She was a Parisienne, however, contrary to what people think and say about Parisiennes, she was friendly and kept exclaiming that I reminded her of her American friend who was a photographer for Vogue in NY.
  • She loved my accent and she kept literally slapping her leg when I spoke! She stayed with me throughout the exhibit which was great because she knew more about Dior’s life and career trajectory than I did. She even talked a guard into letting me go to the restroom (otherwise, I would have had to leave!).
  • We went through the entire exhibit and then she asked me to have a late lunch with her at a local restaurant. Tres interessante! She told me her life story….how she has a place in Paris and a place in the country near Toulouse and how she and her sister had to share the places, etc.

She told me of her work (teaching languages) and her lovers including a tryst with a man from Morocco and how much she loved it there. Anyway, I always have 2 or 3 back up plans for every day I’m in Paris and I usually stumble on some wonderful people and exhibits. And I never view people from Paris as being rude.

Yes, they can be curt and guarded but I kind of like that. Anyway, IDK how I got off on this topic!!! Can’t wait to go back. I really miss it. when I went into that Museum, it was early in the morning, it was snowing outside, I sat in front of the Kiss, by a lit fireplace. Looked out the window, through the same glass Rodin looked out of.

No one was there but me. It was heavenly. I visited this museum a few years ago. We spent about two hours there and all we saw were the water lilies canvases. They were absolutely gorgeous and stunning, and the longer you looked at them, the more you saw in them. Such fascinating and brilliant creations.


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