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Engelbert Nana Yao democrats cried for 4 years. They investigated for 3 years about a “rigged election” and found no evidence with russian collusion. Then tried to impeach him for obstruction? Youre right though.

  • This isnt Uganda and this shouldnt be happening in The United States Of America! Also you must not be watching the news! In michigan 6000 votes we’re switched from trump to biden! That same program was used in 43 other counties in michigan and in other states as well! I guess they made that up too?
  • Collins Wanderi illegal votes? Glad to know you think our military votes are illegal, but that is what happens when you believe every word from a pathological liar. Educate yourself, mail in ballots ARE LEGAL and have been used since the civil war.
  • Collins Wanderi I don’t understand why people can’t see how phony you are! You act like a damn baby!! You lie often, yes you have been caught on national TV! Grow the hell up! You lost fair and square!!! Your the one that tried to add screw up the election by stopping the mail in ballots! People wake up!!

The parents at the border didn’t care much for their children pretty much like the people who are murdering babies through abortion which is murder. Yes. We care for them. Can someone be bothered to share some evidence with the public? The courts threw out the allegations like second hand tissues.

You lost President Biden will be sworn in as per our constitution. If you resist you will be removed. Why are you trying to subvert the will of the people? 67 days tick tock. Andrea Shriner a lot of those kids were left there by coyotes who were trying to get into our country with a child in tow illegally, and yes left them there because they were not their own.

Sir, had supported you in 2016, but this time round your own people rejected you. In fact, you are making the likes of Raila Amolo Odinga (Kenya’s longest serving opposition leader) to be a child play. Just concede, you still have got great time to bounce back come 2024. Remember, dictators world over, never say die, and as such, you are not exceptional.


Cattitude Serve Yourself Coffee Company poster

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