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Wow! Crying! My mom passed in 2016, as well. (Even back then, she was so “sick and tired” of Mike Lindell’s commercials. Your dad, too?) Sure wish they both could have been here with us. Hugs to you!

  • Great dad!!! I watched this video and realized I am a WALK WITH person. Never been too politically active at all. The intense hatred, and divisions in families have never been worse. It caused me to find this page. I have never heard more compelling truth in politics, than by Brandon Straka in his video’s.
  •  have been sending them to everyone I know. My husband has had all kinds of media over the years and we have done several tv shows in our lives, talking about hate and love… but the hate seems to be the spirit everyone is looking to escape here. My husband walked away from Evel Knievel, and many rich and famous…
  • I bet you could educate us all. I worked at DHS while Bill Clinton was our governor and our president. I agree with you on his character as well as Hillary’s! It is all there for people to research from Whitewater to Mena, Arkansas.

Great story and insight. Much love to you coming from and New Zealander living in Australia. Wish I could vote for Trump! I wish I could pick your brain for hours! I have been down the internet rabbit hole trying to find out more about Soros. Reading this confirms my thoughts. Welcome and you must be sharp as a tack to be able to see through all their lies! This is the most intriguing walk away story yet! Amazing!

Clinton was my trigger to leave the Democrat party and become a Republican. Never regretted my choice for a moment. Great job!! Wow. Such valuable info for someone who was up front and personal. Thank God you are on the other side. Welcome. Watch out though, clintons have a way, you know.

Welcome. Would love to hear more about working for Soros some day. I’m curious what it’s like being near the Evil One. What an amazing personal journey! Thank you for having the courage to speak up and follow your own mind and heart.

Cat Take A Bath You Dirty Hippie Poster

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