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I literally cuddled with my cat for 20 minutes this morning like she was a baby. I pet her and she was purring. It really started my day off.feeling loved and appreciated. I had a Manx who would bite by eyelashes if I slept past the time he deemed I should get up. He bit my roommates lip.

  • Could be worse. I tend to sleep in thin tops and our one cat reached out to get my attention with his claw near my shoulder. He missed. Let’s just say I have no idea how women can get piercings. When I first starting reading this thought it was part of a story line, mmm maybe a good story line to come but have cat attack the male visitor. LOL
  • Yep my babygirl does that to me. She is comforting me right now. I been sick for a week and I’m finally walking around today. My kitties will knead on daddy until he grunts, then will launch off his nuts onto my gut which wakes me up with an “Oof”. If that doesn’t get one of us up and feeding them, they do it all over again.
  • My Stella will walk across my head and face every morning. If that doesn’t work she gently bites me under my chin. Ignoring that first nibble results in a much harder nibble. Wouldn’t change her for the world. My Toby has to wake me up and then shows me his butt lol no idea why but every morning I wake up to a kitty butt

My lovely furry menace is slightly more polite, she keep her claws in her furry murder mitts. Unless she’s sitting on my chest, I grew up with a terrorist…I mean cat…named Cleo the would hide under the couch and scratch your legs if you had the misfortune to sit above her

I know the feeling. My black cat Rascal, will meow fist anywhere between 4 and 6am then proceed to either gently tap at face with her paw or claw at me. The other morning she got my bottom lip and continued to pull until I shooed her away. Some mornings I get walked on usually over top of my breasts. Does not feel good.

I have 6 cats, and they are free fed (dry food always available) yet they all have a routine of some sort… one wakes me at 3am for pets and likes to chew on my hand. One wakes me just before the alarm goes off for a snuggle sesh. Another runs in when the alarm goes off to shove her sister out of the way and sit on my bladder.

Horror Jason Voorhees Cat Meow Meow Meow vintage poster

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