Cat face cloth mask


Cat face cloth mask

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Love the video. I had a golden lab, Shelby, that loved my little Siamese kitty, K.C. They played constantly. They were both indoor babies until Shelby went out to do her business but wanted back in asap!! The love these animals had for each other was beautiful. When Shelby passed away, K.C. mourned for his best friend. Thanks again for this beautiful video. Hello Riet we have not spoken for a long time,so nice to hear you.I love these animal stories ! Are you housebound too,how are you otherwise, are all the kids and grandkids ok? We are all fine,the winter was very long and cold but niw it is Spring!!!
Groetjes, Carla

So cute. What a beautiful friendship. Sad that we as humans can’t behave with love like animals do. If we had a love for each other with no boundaries like they do, what a wonderful world this would be. Maybe we should take time to love each other. GOD loves us all we need to be kind and love each other. Guess the animals are smarter than humans Super, beautiful, great. One can run out of superlatives when we see how animals react with each other these days. Its eye opening and amazing. Always makes me feel good at the start of the day.












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