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Can’t you speak on your own behalf. Even in American domestic affairs you still want to use Ugandans in your personal business like you have always done here in Ug, With your record uganda of murder and corruption i dont think even trump will be applauding your support. But then again….

  • Yes he definitely will. Trump new all along this was going to happen and that’s the reason for the water marker on ballots. A lot of Corrupt evil people going down. I been hearing that bs for the last three or four years. And what has happened? Oh that’s right. A pile of trumps friends lawyers and campaign people are in prison. Maybe sit this one out Felicia
  • it’s not just the Bidens. The whole Democratic party and the media that shapes thier minds. They started with the school system and college campuses. Then our government. Now our churches.
  •  I agree, but this wasn’t just the Biden’s. This is corruption in many areas. We need to handle this. Even if trump wins, this kind of treachery, will be perpetrated for many years, destroying the integrity of every future election. if our side cheated, they need to be held accountable if Biden side cheated, they need to be held accountable. Winners never cheat and cheaters never win

Yes, the Biden’s / Democrats are corrupt just as the Republicans are a bunch of gutless bastards who showed their tails instead of fighting alongside/for the President. Maybe it’s time for a 3rd party. one that fights back? Donald Jr. 2024 !

stealing from children’s cancer charities or college students is fraud. Counting votes is the way our election process works and they were counted under his administration. Biden wasn’t counting the votes and fortunately nor was trump. As even fox said there’s no evidence of fraud or “illegal” voting. Sore loser.

our government is so corrupt! he’s just a piece of it this country is in big trouble you don’t even know they are headed straight to change it the way we see it now specially since we have terrorist in our own government we don’t stand a chance We can all thank Obama & bush for letting the take over of our government.

Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster

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