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Here is my sweet cuddle buddy. I’ve had him only 4 months (he turns 7 next september), but he is very loving, social and happy dog. Very stubborn from time to time, but many dog breeds are.

  • Nice and pretty, and I love dogs but the breed does have a high incident rate of behaviour issues. This very well could be contributed to new owners and their inexperience in training such a strong, independent breed. Such as the dedicated and handsome family Pit Bull pet.
  • in my experience working with a vet for a few months, the most agressive breeds are the small ones ! poodles, bichons etc… but it’s true that each breed has a typical behavior and anyone should make sure that this behavior is compatible with their expectations
  •  just because pit bulls are bigger. But I’ve seen chihuahuas and Yorkshire basically tear up a kid’s face before… of course the bigger the dog, the bigger the bites… but bigger dogs tend to be calmer than little ones.

I have a friend who last week got her arm broken and ripped open by a pitbull that she had since it was baby. And she was a perfect pet parent, treated her dog like gold. A pittbull has never bitten me but a chihuahua has a few times now. We need to get rid of all of them! Lmmfao. Dogs are dogs. Breed doesnt matter.

I have had more problems with German Shepard’s and even smaller dogs over bred. They have been used and abused but in fact are huge snuggle bunny’s. Any dog trained properly will in fact be a good dog. t matters but not in a way of being agressive or not! But certain breeds are more independent, or needy, and not aknowledging it might make the dog insecure and leading to biting for example. Every dog owner must understand what are the dog’s needs, and behave accordingly

I’m sorry your friend put her arm into the middle of a dog fight. This was human error clearly. People shouldn’t own dogs if they don’t know how to break up a fight. Fights happen but even my children know not to put their hands or face in the middle of a dog fight

Oh the virus outside is frightful but this yarn is so delightful shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie

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