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I used that yarn to make a hat but when I washed it, loops were hanging out all over it. I don’t know if I did something wrong. Has anyone else had this happen?  I think if people turn to socialism because they hate capitalism, it might be harder to get them to become capitalist than it would be to just try to get them to see the merit of other free market systems. Distributism is another. It’s at least decent but poorly fleshed out.

  • Socialism only works while the capitalist system still is able to function and pay for the increasing debt load that socialism produces, which eventually will crush capitalism and will cause the socialist system to devolve into communism.
  • Human nature people. Capitalism goes so far. Socialism still exists for a reason. You cannot get rid of socialists, but you can win by exposing their flaws. You also must expose the flaws of capitalism as well. Otherwise, you cannot have a civil discourse with the opposing side you’re talking to.
  • The fact that Chump supporters are so sure that the virus originated in a foreign country (when health experts aren’t so sure)reminds us that xenophobia has always been a part of their campaign for fascism. The unhealthy obsession with socialism also seems to be a distraction, so that we don’t notice the rise of an authoritarian leader.

I’m not a fan of him. However, I believe that government should be prohibited from interfering with economics, and government should not provide education, healthcare, food, housing, social security or any welfare of any kind whatsoever.

I’m not so dumb as to think that he’s “Putin’s Puppet”, but today’s Republicans are farther to the left than JFK Democrats. Both parties have moved left, but the Democrats are openly calling for the ideals of Marxism and Socialism. So, it seems that if anyone is sucking Putin it’s the left. I prefer Americanism, that is, individual rights, limited government, justice, and pure laissez-faire capitalism.

this is like when Obama was caught on the hot microphone whispering to Putin that he would be more flexible after the election, and someone writing an article about how he was talking about getting in Putin’s sex swing. Presidents deal with foreign leaders. And?

Oh the virus outside is frightful but this yarn is so delightful shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie

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