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They only post this shit to stay relevant and get jobs from the democrat owned studios. They’ll do anything for a buck, Were glad you’re a democrat as well. Only psychos want to be associated with your diluted views. Normal and regular people have common sense

  • Can’t get past the language. If someone is not intelligent enough to get a point across without foul language not interested in what they have to say, She’s SO PROUD of being mentally incompetent, lacking any critical thinking skills, and actively supporting abortion and infanticide
  • I’m sure that they really liked the speech from Donna Hylander….she was the one who rapped, kidnapped, burned, tortured, starved, and murdered a 61 year old man….a typical democratic hero.
  • Who cares what she thinks!! Real people can’t afford body guard, gated homes, food delivered and cooked for them. Come out of your tower celebrity elite. You richer we get poorer.

I’m so happy that I left the Democratic Party because there’s nothing I have in common with Communist Bitches like this! Ewww, i know its so great being a part of an organization that puts pedophiles and convicted murderers on a pedestal….hell DNC even invites them to speak at their convention….lol…way to go Xanax queen!

California is burning the Democrats pass the law that a man can have sex with a 14 year old boy. What’s wrong with these people, Send them to a socialistic country where they will be happy. We don’t need American haters here, we have millions of people who would do anything to be Americans

So far all i get from “celebrities” they hate America and they are awfully dumb. Not to mention really immature. I’m so happy that I just don’t GAF about those people in “Hollyweird” They are pretenders, to be ignored.

She is just another one of those vile filthy mouth Hollywood Demorat/LIBTARDS who have no idea about the real world. Ignorance is bliss for these Hollywood nut cases. There are quite a few good people in Hollywood but the majority are people like this ignorant woman.

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A. lyrics poster

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