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I also hate to be negative but even watching the clips was a little cringe worthy. It was so good before. I really looked forward to the humor and warmth. I didn’t watch tonight but even the clips from tonight showed its not for me. You snooze you loose. I am so happy that I watched the show. It was so extraordinary.They managed to make so many Covid related changes but it worked. Now there is even more focus on the dancers.

  • these were not “B” list Stars. I think AJ, Skai. Jesse and Anne would be extremely insulted to hear that. Some of the other stars and athletics are also A+ stars in their fields. I don’t think the top hot stars are going to spend months of grueling practice, turning down lucrative projects, for a tv competition show where they can make fools of themselves
  • that’s about all I made it too, tried again and couldn’t handle it, her voice kept going up and down, she looked uncomfortable when asking the dancers questions, Erin and Tom made it look so effortless, but that is the difference in people, wont be watching anymore in her flashy outfits trying to outdo everyone!
  • It was extremely boring and all she did was flirt with the camera. She didn’t look at the people she was talking to she just played with the camera. I’m sorry she’s probably a great person but she was boring as dirt
Watched 15 min. Changed the channel. Not interested in the Tyra show. Go back to the model search host- So far that’s the only announcers job she didn’t suck at. Sorry Lynn is quarantined in Britain- liked his grumpy sarcasm.
Sorry Dancing With The Stars- I see your demise on the horizon. To bad I liked the show with Tom and Erin. yeah Tom and Erin were the best hosts of any of those competition shows. They were both so genuine and were not only hosts but fans as well and had such a great chemistry. it feels off to me she seems stuck on herself the way she talks i can not wait to see how the fans react and how many viewers they will loose this season because of her being the host

Bon Jovi – Always I’ll be there, till the stars don’t shine poster

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