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According to the new voters since first election for trump we can say that the red wave is way bigger than the « second » COVID wave. It is a government agency. Wait until everything becomes the job of the government. the thing they do best is screw everything up. which is exactly why cannabis should just have been descheduled and decriminalized, not legalized, which means the government is still controlling the use of a plant. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • So the age old question where does your freedom impact my life and take away my rights. Not one thing in life is totally free. It ALL carries a moral responsibility. There are so many stupid people these days that barely function, add to that a stoned bunch of people ,especially on the roads and we have just added a whole new bag of problems to our society.
  • This is the part where anyone who has graduated high school would provide the data showing that their claim is true. I mean, there should be plenty of it out there considering the length of time pot has already been legal recreationally in several states. Good luck to you getting it to fit your claim though. except the facts don’t support your hypothesis. Fatigue, alcohol, and distracted driving (phones, food, too loud stereo) all contribute more to traffic accidents.
  • I’m not commenting on anything regarding alcohol but the fact that it’s a major cause of accidents. in numbers you are correct. prohibition does not work though. It only creates more problems. It won’t be long before cars are driving themselves on the major highways and freeways across this country and that will solve a lot of these problems.

So because people drive drunk others should be permitted to drive stoned? I don’t use call phones in a car and don’t eat or read while driving. I knew someone who did, he’s dead now. We have an entire nation of uneducated lazy dimwits already. No research money needed. the problem is getting drunk and getting high is bad. There is no prescribed amount of marijuana you can smoke and not get high.

These are the problems we face. People want a less altered mind society. They want a more sober minded society for the future. People are thinking about their children too. Laws affect cultures in drastic ways. Neither is good, but it seems alcohol is important. Due to Covid so much closed but liquor was essential!

Blue and gold Macaw tote bag

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