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I’m sorry you were approached in this manor. BUT you and your fellow dads took this stereotype and ma,de something awesome ! White guys disappear all the time ! The Dad Gang is such an awesome display of family, brotherhood, fatherhood at its best !! You all turned this positive in such a huge way ! May God Bless You All

  • That is a wonderful idea. My 17 YEAR OLD daughter’s DAD hates me so much that his bitterness and rage requires a safeword upon her visits! I wish she had a dad like them! A dad who doesnt make promises he never intends to keep! But all she ever wanted to be is…DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL! Can I request Adoption?
  • I just want to thank you guys for what you’re doing stepping up to be dads and being actually in your children’s lives because I grew up with my dad too, Think what’s wrong with a lot of parents nowadays and not just young ones. They don’t know how too parent their children or be in a healthy relationship. They grew up without that stability and just don’t know what to do.
  • Yesssy need a group for the girls too some guys and girls do kids some don’t like or want kids just happen got kids dont no how to take care of kid so dad go to next girl with no kids mother’s dad don’t teach kids just in case they have a child what to do how to be a boyfriend or girlfriend so

they can be a good man good wife listen to friends parents don’t want to talk about sex or anything if they don’t see love between the couple relationship toxic that be all they know couple do dad walk away or mom leave instead of work with each other not against each other

I have not got no family at all no dad no mum no sister no brother yeah and I told you all this 3 years ago go and you have not give me a chance to give me my TV 75-in and a Samsung galaxy c12 slide I gave you £1,000 and true I’m standing here ear you you are gave you so how come you have not sent my stuff what I gave you £1,000 3 years ago and I have not received anything you just crafty having my my thousand-pound off me and I have not received anything so send it please

I thought I was just feeling insecure when my fiancée would just be on his phone at odd hours, until I decided to take a chance to know, knowing is better than self doubt, and it’s was exactly what happened when I employed the service of this particular group I came across by chance to help check his phone out into- to. Now I know when he’s telling the truth and how to curtail him, I think it’s not a drastic step

Black dad a son’s first hero a daughter’s first love shirt, hoodie, tank top

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