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he honestly is the best. The best step dad, best pappy. He is reading all this and is gitty like a lil kid! I ordered it as a joke to tick my mom off because i knew he would wear it! Haha

  • He looks way better in this than the original pictures! They should have him model this instead of young guys! More people would buy it!!! for all the love for him! I DID buy it as a joke-but to irritate my mom because i KNEW he would love it! Hes a 75 year old kid!! He appreciates all the likes and comments and loves being “famous” for a minute!
  • We need to protect the environment guys. The world is dying at an alarming rate. With only 4% of American forests left, with roughly 80% of the Amazon lost and not to mention South america, a place that was once filled to the brim with trees so to speak, now only has around 60% of its forests.(forget the exact numbers on South america)
  • I’ve had the luck to go there twice and the thing I remember the most was getting off the plane and smelling the lovely luscious tropical flowers and plants!!!

I hopehe hope he getsto gets to lick more than that in prison….to do something like thatin that in times like we are in or any time is disgusting. POS…Hope he gets a chance to lock some urnal cakes while he is in Jail. Probably someone he treated like an animal will
Be in there , give him same treatment …some people need a lesson upside the head !

 dont know if YOU ….are really trying to get a hold of me or not but I’ve had i couldn’t tell you how many people with your profile picture using a hundred different names saying ive won stuff,

You could also shake it up before you add the pineapple juice, and then just give it a couple more shakes to mix it. I suspect the cocoanut cream may foam a bit as well. Looks tasty! Keep keeping it sexy Sky Jon!

Black Cat Halloween Hawaiian Shirt

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