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You might consider changing your theme song to “Burn the Bridges. “ great song for moving forward and it’s by King and Country. That should give the dems something to bitch about !!

  • The United States is nearly 70% liberal with an even greater percentage pro-choice. You can’t fight it. You can’t stop it. I get it. Trump represents your last stand, but guess what? White people will be the minority by 2040, and no wall, finished or not, will stop that.
  • Mr. Donald Trump, you cannot take away the right of any American to vote, even if it is by mail or absentee voting. You trying to do so, i believe, is going to cost you to loose the election coming up soon. Keep doing these things to oppose the rights of the people and i guarantee it’s all going to backfire on ya!
  • Has anybody else noticed the extra padding in the shoulders over the last few months that Trump is putting in his coats? I think it keeps getting added to offset the fact that his gut is getting bigger and bigger… Look at the pictures of him on the golf course.

I don’t see how you can expect people to vote for you when you try to destroy the things we like and need. You’re attacking the post office, you’re threatening funding for Social Security and Medicare, and your administration is arguing AGAINST the ACA before the Supreme Court. Plus we miss the 165,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus. Too many of us are unemployed and on the verge of being evicted. Civil unrest is all over our country. And violent crime is up in many cities.

A mail in ballot is different from an absentee ballot you use when not in your voting district. Being military we’ve used them many times. Totally different process. Read about it.

Supporters in Delaware would love to see our President at a pop-up Rally at Dover Downs next Thursday; same time Dems will hold their uber-secret pop-up Convention in Wilm, DE.

The Biden/Harris ticket is the DC Swamp ticket. They have ever worked a day in their lives. Always on the government payroll. Never managed a business, never made a payroll, never worried about healthcare for their family. Yes they can talk and talk and make promises they never intend to keep. They can read a teleprompter They are puppets of the DC swamp and puppets of the foreign enemies of America. They plan to sell out

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