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I’m going to miss this show more than any other show I’ve ever loved. This is one of the best sci fi shows in history! I’m really going to miss the characters, too. I have an idea of how it’s going to end. And if it ends that way, I think everyone will be satisfied. If not, I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  • I’m so not ready!!!! I literally cry every time I think about it ending. The show, the cast, and all the friends I’ve made along the way in SPN groups, etc have made this show SO MUCH MORE than just something to watch. My boys, what can you say but love you! I’ve been with you since day one and I’ll cry on the last day. Man! This is so hard cause yall are like part of the family.
  • Hey Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. I wrote a book. The Legend of Alex. How do I send it to you guys? Also thanks for the inspiration and for the best TV show ever. Sincerely Alex Wrona. Was a teenager when it started now I’m in my 30s and a mom. Hope the brothers get a happy ending. Thanks for the many years of the ride you gave us
  • you can’t please everyone a true fan will be happy with what you create, we are happy you’ve sort of listened to us a bit through the years, but do you, do it the Winchester way, team free will. I can’t take this, I’m already so sad this is ending. The only thing I’ve watched religiously since the beginning!

Been watching since the pilot aired. Supernatural was in my life through high school, university and first few years of my teaching career. It’s such a part of me and I will always cherish it. Been watching this show half my life and it is my favourite. Sure it had a season or two that weren’t as good but, after 15 seasons what do you expect.

Even the weaker seasons were better than most other shows. I’m going to miss this show more than words can tell but I look forward to them wrapping it up. Hopefully in a way that’ll leave us all satisfied, which is very tough.

Vietnam Veteran We were the best America had Brothers who fought without America’s support poster

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