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What an amazing story! Life is amazing sometimes… just when you need a message it comes out of nowhere! Relish in the memory and love of your brother.. he sent that message! Merry Christmas! What a special person to write to you, and z beautiful tribute to the kindness of your parents and yourself during that time.

  • One of my last case studies as a Sr nursing student was a woman with a thyroid tumor. I was with her pre-op, through surgery, and through out her post op stay. I still wear the silver cuff she gave me for graduation. Deborah W, I’m sure you’re with angels after all these years, but you’ll always be special. Some patients you never forget.
  • This.. brought me to tears.. if only people would take the time to stop…and realize the impact they could have on each other.. bless you.. I’m sure that was not an easy one to write. Wow, that was powerfully written and was so touching. Sometimes words are all we need…..simply words……not money, fancy vacations, extravagant gifts, expensive homes…….simply words.

One of the joys of growing older is when “someone or something” you become aware of later in life completes one f the mysteries of your heart. Jill Hanson is certainly an angel among us. Sometimes people are afraid to reach out, or know the right things to say. How amazing this nurse took the chance to reach out to you, and let you know that your brother Adam is still remembered, maybe even more than you knew.

God has a way of bringing things to us in full circle when we least expect them …a gift you will never forget and have blessed us with by sharing it with us. What a beautiful, priceless, moving gift it was for Jill to have written you and your family this email, especially as you said your family will be separated this year for safety reasons. There is a higher power at work here if you ask me. Beautiful. I can’t imagine how your mom will feel reading this.

How kind and thoughtful of her to write and share her memories. I’m sure your entire family will be touched by her letter and knowing she still hangs the ornament in remembrance. How wonderful connections were made for this nurse to share with you memories of your brother , plus the toy soldier Christmas ornament. God works in mysterious ways ! Merry Christmas.

Dragonfly Behind you all the memories before you all your dreams around you all who love you poster

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