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I didn’t mean Dan was fake he’s real but that advertising scam is fake and people are giving that information they shouldn’t. Dan put it on his website that it was a scam. Pam, Trump is working hard to free our country from the doctors and nurses, apparently they’re bad people who just want to control us!

  • Donald you talk the talk always a winner the democrats are in your shadow and will always be in the shade due to their inability to face up to the fact THEY ARE NOT FIT FIR PURPOSE AND NEVER HAVE BEEN take a look at history of past democratic leaders they only serve themselves and their families and friends they cannot help the American people due to the fact theirs nothing left in the pot after all they have helped themselves to SHAME ON THEM!!
  • I’m 70 years old this is my first time voting and I felt we really needed to vote the right way and the right way to me it seems to be President Trump he’s been a great president so far I think he needs another four years God bless this man.
  • And such hard work around the clock our President has done, all for us with no salary, even loosing, according to Forbes. a big amount of his own wealth. So much corruption he has been able to expose thus he has been treated so terrible.

He has done more for America and middle class and poor than any President in history . He is our only hope to keep our Constitution-and values and fight for unborn babies murdered, So horrific.! No wars just peace, prosperity and our American way!!

I agree. Comes to show he loves this country and the american people. The left have put him through a lot that has been unfair . It’s time to voter out blue and vote red all around the board. Trump 2020. They know, they do nothing. Many instances reported over and over. Anyone aware of the facts knows the truth about the corrupt being held accountable is a mute point. Hoping this will change.


Check your energy before you come in this house doormat

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