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You could’ve voted, just like everyone else who voted. Your side lost because more people voted for Biden. It isn’t rocket science or a grand conspiracy. You’re just incapable of accepting reality. That’s your problem, not the country’s.

  • Yet so a man sow it he shall and will reap what he has sown. Trump brought all of this on hisself he had to get spake somewhere and be checked. No wicked deeds don’t go unpunished especially if you don’t come away from doing them. If you really want to help him? Why don’t you send him brochures on new careers so that he has options other than trying to circumvent democracy.
  • Let all the ballots be counted in each state. Then that will determine who won and who lost. This is not anything new. It’s a close race either candidate could win. Just because he thinks he’s being persecuted and realizes that half the country is not on his side it’s not change the election. Exercise some patience. We will know the outcome soon enough.
  • Nobody cares. They want to feel good about “saving the environment.” Physicists have been pointing this out for decades but nobody listens. Most people see only the hear-and-now, but fail to see the unintended consequences of what can often come later.

This is just one example; there are many others such as minimum wage laws, price fixing, economic shut-downs, “free” education, import/export tariffs, higher taxes on the wealthy, government farm and other subsidies, government mandated automobile standards, foreign policy interventions, gun-control laws, etc., etc., etc…….

Complex thinking is not the strong suit of tree-huggers. They think we can eliminate nuclear, hydro, and fossil fuels and the planet will become heaven on earth. In other words, they are delusional.

I asked a person why we invented plastic bags? They had no idea. I told them it was because we didnt want to use paper bags anymore, cutting down trees. Then I HAD to explain that we can grow more trees and recycle paper bags. I was just stared at kinda of in disbelief. Then they told me the government will figure it out and tell us what to do. O please someone help explain the term unintended consequences to people under 40.

Check your energy before you come in this house doormat

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