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My kids really wanted a hamster too. We bought Squeeks. First he’d wake up at 7:30 pm…then 8pm….9….Now he doesn’t wake up until almost midnight and my kids don’t see him until we clean his cage out. I’m sorry but hamsters are not a good pet for children. Speaking from experience.

  • They only see him 1-2 times a month. We don’t wake him up because it’s not fair to the hamster, and they usually only see him if he randomly wakes to forage in the middle of the day which isn’t common, or when we clean the cage out. But, when they do see him, they give him special treats and fruits and veggies.
  • My hamster gnawed its way out of the steel cage and the moment i saw it out of the cage it ran so fast like a feral animal.. they act different in the wild, This morning I legit found my little hamster walking around in the floor. I was like wtf is that?? And I luckily caught his ass.
  • This hammu needs better wheel, without scissor effect and without net, 20cm, wooden are best cause most quiet. Hopefully they will give him such wheel soon, Hamster are technically not the right pets for a kid. They sleep most of the day and in the night they are active. The hamster I mean. So anti rhythm to your kids. In most of the cases. And they often die already after 2 years. Not a nice experience for a kid too.

They are awake in the early morning, they are awake in the evening from 19:00, at night they mainly sleep too, sometimes awake. So they are fine for kids. I’ve had them for years now. Also when I was a kid.

 Every hamster is different. Ours doesn’t wake up until almost midnight so unfortunately he doesn’t work for a good pet for my kiddos. He started off waking up at 7pm, but adjusted to a later time once he was settled in. Had many hamsters when younger some were ok but some mean. When my kids were younger they had rats. They are the best pet. Very loving and never mean. They get a bad rep because of their gutter cousins but domestic rats are great.

we had dumbo rats and they are gorgeous! One of the best pets we have had! They are so intelligent and so inquisitive! We brought 3 ‘males’ from a well known pet store, all siblings, but they started to fight a bit. We noticed one was eating an awful lot and getting fat and thought something strange was going on, we came home to a funny noise in their house, opened the top and low and behold there were 12 pinkies in the the bed being fed by mum!!!

Once upon a time there was a girl who really wanted to become a hairstylist & loved cats poster

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